The Unfortunate Moments of Misunderstanding


The Cindy Sherman Project

Since I was studying visual arts, many, many moons ago, I have been a huge fan of artist Cindy Sherman. In 2015, while living in Barcelona, I decided to create a few characters.

I wrote "Unfortunate moment of misunderstanding". A series of micro stories about an unfortunate moment in the life of invented characters, and transformed myself into them.

- Mick


Anthony Allen

Antony is the concierge of the local swimming pool for over twenty-two years now. His colleagues Martha and Jessy found that it was time for some recognition so they bought him a lovely shiny tiara for his utterly extreme loyalty. Ever since he got that tiara Antony refuses to take it off, but we must say it does suit him very well. He never knew it was just a joke. Martha and Jessy were afraid to tell him.


Beatrice Hopper

Beatrice Hopper just got back from her weekly tennis lessons. She was surprised and delighted to have a brand new, very young, tennis instructor full of energy. He was so strikingly handsome that he took her breath away as she trembled on her legs. Unfortunately, he hit her in the eye with a tennis ball at the first serve because she was staring at his huge bulge between his legs. Beatrice was unconscious for a while, but she dreamt the tennis instructor took her passionately. That was worth the pain.


Carlos Rodrigues

Carlos Rodrigues works as a fax machine salesman at MediaMarkt. Although, he is convinced to be one hell of a passionate seller, he hasn't managed to sell a single fax machine in weeks. Colleagues are whispering behind his back that it's due to his very poor dental hygiene and unpleasant smell. Needless to point out that is the main reason why his wife left him last month.

In one hour, Carlos has to meet his superior. He confidently assumes it is about a promotion which will enable him to finally fix his teeth. But in fact, he is just getting fired with immediate effect.


Dolores Shufflebottom

Dolores Shufflebottom is working her first day at the Bath & Bedding department at Marks and Spencers. She wanted to work in the women's fashion department but her superior told her she needed more experience for that. Nevertheless, her floor manager of the Bath & Bedding department told her: "Just think of this floor as a fashion department and treat it that way". So Dolores took all the sheets and towels she liked and draped herself a fashionable gown and headpiece. Needless to say, this was her first and last day at Marks & Spencers


Florence Bluetit

Florence Bluetit is a private nurse for over twenty years now, she started nursing when she was 18 years old. She has been unemployed for six months so she registered with an employment agency. Within days she was sent to a retirement home to take care of the elderly. She taught it was a bit strange to send her there with her qualifications. But a job is a job she said. On her first day she was told to start feeding in the male department of the senior citizens. A bit confused she went to the department approached an old man sitting in front of the window took out her left breast and pushed the plumb breast into his mouth. The employment agency never knew that she was a wet nurse.


Els Heimer

Els Heimer, unfortunately, lost her dear husband of twenty-seven years. He always took care of her because Els’ memory is not the best, to say the least. She keeps forgetting who she is, where she is and what is what. One morning, Els felt incredibly lonely and decided to buy herself a cat for company. At the animal shelter, there was no hesitation. There she was, the perfect cat, exactly the one she had in mind. So she pointed out the little creature. She was so convinced and excited that the people of the shelter didn’t want to argue with her. Although she finds it rather hard to train her cat to use the litter box, they are very happy together.


George Rummage

George Rummage loves Halloween. It is the holiday he looks forward to almost all year. This year, for Halloween, he did a makeup course to have the most spectacular makeup ever. When he was almost done, his mother called and asked him to go by Granma, who lives a few houses down the street. She had trouble with her heating. George jumped up grabbed his furry coat and let himself in with his key to help his grandmother. The poor woman had a fatal heart attack when he entered her living room.


Will be continued ...