The Letter Investigation


As we were asked to design a book about Quotes, "The ABC of Quotes", we decided to first do an investigation into drop caps. “What is a drop cap?”, I hear you thinking. Well, it is something you see in old bibles, poetry and old fairy tale books. Come to think of it a fairytale book and a bible is practically the same!


So in December we will be designing, drawing, doodling, gluing, literally spitting out letters on to our Instagram account. Every letter 9 times. Some more detailed, others more spontaneously. So there will be 9 x 26 letters, a total of 234. From those, we will be picking the ones that are going to make it into the book, with some fine-tuning of course. It is going to be a modern take on Drop Caps.

Edit: Wel we bit of a bit more than we can chew. We decided to do one letter every day but let the incentive of 9 letters go. It was too much. Now we will see how far we come each day.

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