The beginning is here... we have a space, but now what!

ruimte 2.jpg

Three weeks ago we found this gorgeous space to open our art and design studio. It was bright, big and gorgeous. Most spaces here in Valencia are deep and without any window except the one you have at the entrance. After some thinking, we decided to take it and make it ours. We knew Spain is not the easiest country to be a startup, we had an art gallery in Sitges. But we are ready. Things to do are, get connected to electricity, get a permit to do business in this building. This sounds easy but: to get connected to the grid you need a licence, to get a licence you need to be self-employed, to be self-employed you need to have a social security number, to get a social security number you need to get registered at City hall. You get the picture, a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. Well, what we need to do, we need to do. Let’s start!