We are finally connected to the grid… but no licence.


We are finally connected to the grid after three weeks of calling, arranging and waiting, we finally are connected to the grid. The building has been empty for a decade so everything had to be checked and rewired. But we are in now and this is our first blog post in the new space. Very happy about that.

Now for some sadder news, we are not getting a permit to be a public art gallery. To enter the gallery you need to climb eight steps so it is not accessible for our disabled fellow humans. Very understandable but we do not have the resources to build an elevator for wheelchairs. We are not rich entrepreneurs and the art gallery is not a big commercial business.

We are also obliged to build a disabled toilet and that is in my opinion just plain ridiculous. We had an art gallery for a year in Sitges, Barcelona and never ever has asked anyone to go to the toilet. People spend an average of ten to fifteen minutes in a small gallery. Not hours on end.

So we had some thinking to do and the solution is that we are going to be an art and design studio with occasional exhibitions and happenings behind closed doors and by appointment. Or maybe a members-only association. And we kinda like that, sort of exclusivity.

And our disabled art lovers can enter the space through the back there is a ramp.

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